Sickipedia logo

Yay. I’ve just launched sickipedia

It exists for the following reasons:

  • Once I thought of the crappy sickipedia / wikipedia pun I couldn’t resist it
  • I closed the QOTW on B3ta and got lots of email going, “please keep it open, we love reading and adding jokes”
  • However, the list has become huge and unmanageable with gazillions of duplicates
  • I’ve never run a public wiki before and I’m interested to see how it goes
  • Assuming the book gets even a small bit of attention, then a lot of people will be emailing me jokes. I’d rather direct them to a website where they can sort it out themselves.
  • I fancied re-drawing the Wikipedia logo with extra cocks
  • I imagine we’re going to get a lot of vandalism, but hopefully it’ll all work out ok in the end. Anyway. Have fun you crazy kids.

2 Responses to “Sickipedia”

  1. Ed says: is absolute genius.

    What do you recon about setting up an RSS feed for the jokes?

  2. chrisnoonan says:

    at last,a mine of sickness to impress/disgust my few remaining freinds with,i am so glad to have found you,can i be your friend?